All I Have

Kevin Neidig
Kevin Neidig


A cry out for order then I crossed the border
A mistake I’m not wanting to find
Well it’s one for the road and one for tomorrow
And one for what I’m leaving behind

Afraid to kill time for what I might find
An empty space where there’s nothing but me
In a void of confusion I’d settle for delusion
Take me away I want nothing that’s mine

Oh these arrows of time may reassemble me
Fix what may lie in the past
Tear off my tears reverse what is real
But this addiction is all I have
Yeah this addiction is all I have

I cry out for love and I cry out for misery
I cry out for joy through the pain
Whether it’s me that’s been shifted or a veil that’s been lifted
I gain clarity or am I insane?

I’ve fought long and I fought hard and just ended up scarred
Surprised that I am still here
I am tired, and I’m hungry and I need to be fed
And what does it all mean? What does it all mean?


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