Kevin Neidig - The Long Road
1 CD

Kevin Neidig - Moon CD

Song List
1. Clouds are Pushed by with Wind
2. Follow Me
3. Only Me
4. She Feels
5. Man Who Saved the World
6. All I have
7. I'm Gonna Love
8. Broken Man
9. Full Pardons
10. Moon
11. EZ2B Beautiful
12. Save Jesus
13. Natural Order
14. Pockets

Clawhammer Banjo Duets

Learn melody & harmony parts to 20 jam session favorites! Meticulously crafted melodic banjo parts have been created to spice up your jam sessions. Tunes range from beginner, allowing you to plug them into your playing right away, to more advanced intended to wow a crowd! Book is in full color and comes with free mp3 download of all the music.

Christmas is Alright with Me

Advanced Finger Work

Advanced Finger Work Cover

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Learn advanced horizontal scales on the guitar. For acoustic and electric guitar.

As beginner guitar players, we learn our scales and arpeggios in logical vertical patterns. Now let's take what you know and move into the horizontal realm. Advanced Finger Work will show you a whole new way of looking at the Major & Minor Diatonic and Pentatonic Scales, as well as Major and Minor Arpeggios.

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At the Albert's Sheet Music


This sheet music for At the Albert's contains standard notation, chords, and TAB for the tune.
The Mp3 of At the Albert's from Kevin Neidig's album In Lak' ech' is included in your purchase.
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I've Been There

The creation of “I’ve Been There”, Kevin Neidig’s fourth solo album, has enabled him to capture sounds that, acoustically, allow you, the listener, to bear witness to profound subjects of possibilities, dreams, and evolution, married to the purity of rich aural timbres.  “I’ve Been There” puts all of Kevin’s monster skills to use and will assuredly be a must listen!

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In Lak'ech'

Chronomantria - The Alchemy of Time

The Alchemy of Time is the first of a series of meditation cds I will be creating. Meditation is very important for us to maintain good health. Deepak Chopra says that meditating reduces stress; we get better sleep, lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular function, improved immunity, and the ability to stay centered in the midst of all the turmoil that’s going on around you. Meditation helps you do less and accomplish more. This cd was designed not only to offer you these benefits, but also to take you deep into yourself for insight, self-awareness, astral experiences, and beyond. If you are new to meditation there are plenty of websites that offer good information on how you can get started. Enjoy your ride!

Chronomantria II - Wisdom of the Revealed Soul


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