Kevin Neidig

Folkgrass for the critical Thinker

2023 CPHOF Americana Artist of the year.

A native from Mechanicsburg, PA, Kevin Neidig is an award winning Americana singer/songwriter/composer multi-instrumentalist whose sound mixes elements of Darrell Scott, Tim O’Brien, Bela Fleck, Tony Rice and other like artists. He likes to called his style, “Folkgrass for the Critical Thinker.”

His latest album Writing with Fire can be found on his website as well as the latest EP “The Farm Sessions Vol 1.” He is recording Vol 2. now and hopes to release soon. Kevin also teaches a wide range of instruments online through zoom and has published music books on Amazon and has an online guitar course on Soundslice called “Riff Monkey.”

Music & live video

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Press / Reviews

“[Kevin's] guitar playing and singing really draws you into the song. Good to hear real acoustic music!”” - Chris @ Banjohighway


A variety of guitar playing styles ranging from whimsical fun to a slow steady driving beat—and everything in between. His vocals run the gamut from baritone to falsetto—depending on the mood of the song.” - Paul Smith

— PA Music Scene

“With little effort Kevin just lets his guitar sing. His strings are attached to angel wings.”” - Stephen Krempasky former Vice President, Theater Operations Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts,
"Very profound and powerful and quite enjoyable. [Kevin is] a truly a talented and gifted being.”” - Jonathan Goldman, Healing sounds