Kevin Neidig & Henry koretzky


Kevin Neidig

Hailing from Mechanicsburg, PA, Kevin Neidig is an award winning Americana singer/songwriter/composer multi-instrumentalist whose sound mixes elements of Darrell Scott, Bela Fleck, Tony Rice and other like artists and more. His latest album Writing with Fire can be found on his website Kevin also teaches a wide range of instruments online through zoom and has published music books on Amazon and an online guitar course “Riff Monkey.”

Henry Koretzky

Henry Koretzky has been performing as a mandolinist, guitarist, and singer since the 1980s.  He has played in a wide variety of groups and styles, from bluegrass (Cornerstone, High Strung, Sweetwater Reunion) to klezmer (Old World Folk Band) to contradance music (Medicinal Purpose), as well as swing and jazz, celtic, folk, and with singer/songwriters.

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