GWUP - guitar warm up program

Things to know before you get started....


1. Sign up by clicking here or on the above image.  You will be signing up to follow me on my Bandcamp page where all the GWUP classes are streamed.  By signing up you will be notified by email of when the new GWUP class gets created so you can sign up for that class (Every second Saturday at 9am ET unless otherwise noted).


2. GWUP is a live video stream where you will play along with me and get to ask questions.  If you sign up for class you will have 48hr after the conclusion of the class to watch as many times as you wish.


3. Sheet music (TAB) will be provided 30min before start time to allow you to print out the music if you wish.


4. All ages, acoustic, electric, pick style or fingerstyle are welcome.  Beginner to intermediate players, however it would be a good idea to have at least 3 months of solid practice before you attend a GWUP, otherwise all levels are welcome. 


5. No need for a webcam or mic because no one will hear you but you. The only interaction we have will be through the chat window.


6. You can watch on any device i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  I would recommend a larger screen than a phone if possible.  Some attendees even cast to their TV and watch on the big screen. 


7. GWUP usually contains some fun finger twisters and musical motifs from famous musicians of all styles and instruments.  Playing bluegrass, classical and jazz from guitarists, saxophonist, pianists, violinists all fair game!

8. Each GWUP is PWYW (pay what you want). A lot of time and energy goes into each class to make it the best it can be for you and no matter what you're able to contribute I want everyone to be able to attend that wants to.

9. Enjoy the class and incorporate the exercises and ideas into your daily warm up routine!