Song: Don't Take My Gun Overall Impression: Honoring the roots of the Americana sound with a refreshingly raw single-take recording, Kevin Neidig's Don't Take My Gun is a soulful work of Folk storytelling set to harmonically rich and emotionally poignant acoustic guitar. Lyrically outlining the complex relationship between the song's character Johnny and his favored firearm, Kevin Neidig's bright and powerful vocals mingle with intricate chord structures and shifting tempos to make Don't Take My Gun a thrilling sonic experience! Strongest Point(s): This is a really great piece of music, from the quality of the recording to the fundamental elements of the song. The guitar work is impeccable, with enough variations on the structure to keep it engrossing all the way through - plenty of emotionally dense chord voicings and melodic motifs to keep listener interest and Kevin's vocal tones are powerful and engaging. Love the counter melody in the guitar part as the vocals sing "Don't take my gun," or any of the following variations. The tempo shift is a nice touch as well. Very organic, very enjoyable. Bonus points for animating the guitar with all 6 strings in the accompanying video! Great work! Target Audience Appeal: Kevin Neidig's Don't Take My Gun offers a complex and multi-faceted appeal to the listening world. On the nose of it, the song's title is sure to gain interest from parties that dwell on second amendment rights and regulations while the narrative content of the song is bound to connect with a wide range of potential listeners. Ultimately, the strongest draw in this song is the style and skill displayed in Kevin Neidig's sound. Full of authentic and organic musicality, Don't Take My Gun stands to reach a vast audience! Thanks for the submission! - Jon W.” - Jon Wright

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“With little effort Kevin just lets his guitar sing. His strings are attached to angel wings.””

Stephen Krempasky Vice President, Theater Operations Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Whitaker Center

When listening to Kevin's songs it is hard to fathom that he contrived them. I think he was just the first to discover these beautiful forms in nature that have existed long before we have ever heard them. Kevin just knows where to listen.”

— Justin Clauser, RRR Guitar

Your CD is really beautiful--very profound and powerful and quite enjoyable. You are truly a talented and gifted being.”

Jonathan Goldman, Healing Sounds

"Out of all the musicians I know, Kevin Neidig is one of the best, [both] creative and technical."”

— Fred Pellegrini Jr.,

[Kevin's] guitar playing and singing really draws you into the song. Good to hear real acoustic music!” - Chris @ Banjohighway